Monday, 15 September 2014

Patricia Susilo : Always a bright floor after staircases of ups and downs

Someone wisely said after a lot of ups and downs of troubles and sorrow and tough times; there are always good times. Anyone who stands up to difficulties firmly and face them wittily can be a leader in the long run as they gain a lot of experience while going through unfavorable times which makes them strong and firm in their decisions. These decisions are solely based on what they learn throughout their lives which shows them the path for a bright future.

One such amazing person is Patricia Susilo who realized her dreams at a very early age and became immersed in fulfilling them. Having her father as a businessman helped her a lot in her journey of success, by giving her great advices as how to be the designer of one’s own life.

Having gone through as much as Patricia Mirawati Susilo did can either make or break a person but with her strong will by her side to give her support, she emerged as a winner in establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur in real estate.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Patricia Susilo shaping her own life path

Jakarta-born Patricia Susilo migrated to Australia at 4 with her immigrant parents. Even from a very young age, she had immense interest in self-realization and self –development which got more inspired by the words of her father.

Driven by her interests, she started her life very earlier than an average individual would start normally.

Indeed Patricia Mirawati Susilo started working as a cashier to help her uncle at the age of 13, in retail at the age of 14 and then finally entering the corporate world for major companies like Automotive Holdings Group, Clough, and Price Waterhouse Coopers while simultaneously pursuing her university degree at Curtin University (Bentley) at the age of 17. Patricia Susilo completed that with bachelors of commerce in double major in Accounting and Finance in 2009.

But her personal interests made her join her brother at the age of 20 in businesses and entrepreneurship sector. Today Patricia Susilo is a successful business woman because she shaped her own life.